Naruto didn’t have to pay for student loans so why should I

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F R E E! Eternal Summer || ED

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i swear i’m not a weeaboo but some anime openings make me want to parkour off several buildings and then run across the ocean to africa

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"That reminds me. It was because of that thing around your neck. Nosferatu Zodd. He took off as soon as he recognized that thing."

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Noiz ☆ DRAMAtical Murder ☆ Episode 3



Death the Kid 



 SNK PRINTS FOR AX im not sure if im gonna print them as normal sized prints or mini prints?? I FEEL LIKE THEY MIGHT LOOK WEIRD AS A NORMAL PRINT IDK

they’re individual prints but if you line them up in the right order the ribbons line up h a haha

sailor moon crystal | mercury power make up

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I’m just so damaged; I hold my breath and freeze

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Amazing X-Men #4 - “The Quest for Nightcrawler IV”

written by Jason Aaron
art by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines



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Zankyou no Terror ending animation by Takeshi Koike

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